Welcome to Ticket Management

The website is set up to sell tickets online directly using Square as the payment processor.  Because Square will not allow us to create comps at 100%, we are using the website for all ticket items.  Square will send out emails as sales are made, as well as a sales report.  If a sale is made by check, we need to confirm the purchase in the website once the check is received and clears the bank.

Download the SquarePOS from the app store for your device. You should have a personal login that you can access when on-site selling tickets. Be sure to use the Square reader as we are charged a lesser transaction fee by doing so. If you are using an iPhone 7 or later, you will need to use the headphone adapter that came with your phone in order to plug it in.

All reports should be found here on this site by clicking on the WooCommerce link to your left. You can view Orders and Reports, Donations, and Status.