Guest Conductor, Gary Ruschman

For our opening concert, we welcome to the podium our guest conductor, Gary Ruschman. An accomplished musician and award winning composer, Gary offers the following thoughts on the program:

You won’t want to miss this concert of surprisingly luscious music, celebrating the rich musical legacy of the Lutheran Reformation: seven singers and a small band of instruments perform scores composed in the Italian style by Johann Schein, and the differing yet complementary styles of Josquin (Martin Luther’s favorite composer) and Heinrich Isaac, who at one point in 1502 were competing for the same job!

You’ll see a few new faces in the ensemble alongside old friends, and I am very honored to step up to the podium to lead my colleagues over these two evenings.

Gary Ruschman
Gary Ruschman

Concerts are on Friday, October 27th 7:30pm at St. Timothy Lutheran Church and on Saturday, October 28th 7:30pm at Pilgrim Lutheran Church.

Tickets are available on our website.

Listen to an excerpt from our concert this past February 

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