On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Musicians of Consortium Carissimi, we would like to thank each and every person who has helped to build Consortium into what it is today. Many of these people offer fantastic services and we would like to endorse them:

Lisa Drew

Lisa continues to help us with website consultation, social media, brand identity, site design, training and ongoing support.
Website: Websites for a
Email: Contact Lisa

Russ Borud

Russ continues to do a fantastic job as our sound engineer. His work has led to some phenomenal audio recordings of our concerts.

Bill Cunningham

Bill brilliantly records, edits and produces outstanding videos of our concerts.

Marsha Walker

Marsha has done a great job in assisting us with marketing consultation and market research.
Market Development for the Arts

Mark Triplett

Mark has provided many of the images on our website.
Mark Triplett Photography, LLC