Consortium Carissimi would like to thank the following for their generous donations and support:

Mercedes Blue Alleshouse
Nancy Archer
Philip Asgian
The Asklof /Fursteneau Family
Maureen Berg
Bob and Joyce Brelje
Barbara Bryne
Frank Cerra
Dan Dressen and Elisabeth Comeaux
Garrick Comeaux
Shirley Comeaux
William and Mary Cunningham
Henry Dougherty
Lisa Drew
Timothy Faatz
Arthur Halbardier
Joel and Dawn Hanson
Laurie Leigh Harpist
Bob and Darlene Hays
Ruth and Ross Heilman
Linda and Dale Herron
Gerald and Merry Hoekstra
Jeffrey Holland
Curtis Kettler
Ron and Cathy Lutz
Steve Luzaich

Thomas McCallum
Linda Rose Michel
Jodi Mohs-Davis
Mary Jeanne Mourlam
Alex and Becky Nahvi
Tim and Kathy Nelson
Pat and Beth Nunnally
Nuveen Investments, Inc.
Andy Otness
Darlene Petit and Karen Olson
Clara Osowski
Carol Ostrow
Philip and Linda Pettman
Val Pezzani
Rachel & Satish Ramadhyani
Barbara Raport
Patrick and Kathy Romey
Tom Ross
Dave and Carol Schoeneck
Katie Schoeneck
Hamp Smith and Sally Reynolds
Jenzi Silverman
Mark Stanton
Florence Stifler
Cassandra Stillman
Dale Talley
Claire Ann Thoen
Bob and Maureen Vince
Nancy Ann Werner
Dr. Preston and Sharon Williams
Jenna Wolf