Project II – Vespro della Beata Vergine – 1610  

Monteverdi’s Marian Vespers of 1610 was his first sacred work after his first publication twenty-eight years prior, and stands out for its assimilation of both old and new styles, although it cannot be specifically classified as prima pratica or seconda pratica, per se.

“Monteverdi is still regarded as the most powerful and innovative figure in the history of music….one of music’s greatest visionaries.” - ClassicFM

The Vespers was first printed in Venice in 1610 when the composer was working at the ducal court in Mantua. Historical record does not indicate whether Monteverdi actually performed the Vespers in either city; the work may have been written as an audition piece for posts at Venice (Monteverdi became maestro di cappella at St Mark’s Basilica in Venice in 1613) and Rome (where the composer was not offered a post).

The Vespers is monumental in scale, and requires vocal forces skillful enough to cover up to 10 vocal parts in some movements and split into separate choirs in others.

Monteverdi’s unique approach to each movement of the Vespers earned the work a place in history. The Vespers achieves overall unity by building each movement on the traditional Gregorian plainchant for each text, which becomes a cantus firmus in Monteverdi’s setting.

“Vespers of 1610…music on an unprecedented scale…incandescent spirituality.” –  ClassicFM

With violins, sackbuts, cornetti, organ and singers one to a part, this production will bring Monteverdi’s Vespers to the Twin Cities in a special intimate way, in the beautiful chapel dedicated to Mary on the St. Paul Seminary Campus.

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Repertory: Marian Vespers of Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

  • Friday, January 2 – 7:30pm
  • Sunday, January 4 – 2:00pm

The Chapel of Saint Mary at The Saint Paul Seminary * 2260 Summit Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105


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Our Performers

The Singers

Marita Link
Linda Kachelmeier
Clara Osowski
Bill Pederson
Roy Heilman
Steve Staruch
Mike Schmidt
Douglas Shambo II
Garrick Comeaux

The Instrumentalists

Cornetto I: Stephen Escher
Corntetto II: Kris Kwapis

Violino I: Mark Levine
Violino II: Ginna Watson
Viola: Steve Staruch

Trombone I: Monte Mumford
Trombone II: Andrew Nelson
Trombone III: Garrett Lahr

Liuto: Mike Pettmann
Tiorba: Phil Rukavina
Viola da gamba: Annalisa Pappano

Organo I: Bruce Jacobs
Organo II: Donald Livingston

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