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Carlo Gesualdo

Carlo Gesualdo: Composer or Crazed Psychopath?

Article from The Guardian originally published 18 Mar 2010 ( Carol Gesualdo. He’s the Italian composer-prince who murdered his wife and her lover, was into

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The Vespers

In 1610 Monteverdi published one of his finest works, the Vespers, comprising a Mass, 2 Magnificats, 11 “motets,” and an orchestral sonata. In it he

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New Carissimi Eight Motets CD!

Our latest CD! Giacomo Carissimi was one of the most admired of seventeenth-century Italian composers. The maestro from Marino, near Rome, acquired a Europe-wide fame

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The History of The Lute

You’ve been to early music concerts and noticed a rounded back instrument being strummed or plucked, reminiscent of William Shakespeare and harking back to the sounds of John Dowland – the lute.  But do you know much about this instrument?

Recently I was doing a little research and came across this essay written by Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet, an instrument builder and based out of Edinburgh University.  Read on…

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