Guest Conductor, Gary Ruschman

For our opening concert, we welcome to the podium our guest conductor, Gary Ruschman. An accomplished musician and award winning composer, Gary offers the following thoughts on the program: You won’t want to miss this concert of surprisingly luscious music, celebrating the rich musical legacy of the Lutheran Reformation: seven singers and a small band of instruments perform scores composed

What is the Reformation and Why is it so Important to Sacred Music?

from The Concise Guide to Western Music, Barbara Russano Hanning (Professor of Music, The City College and Graduate Center, CUNY) The Reformation began as a theological dispute that was set in motion by Martin Luther in 1517 and mushroomed into a rebellion against the authority of the Catholic Church and the spiritual leadership of Rome, the center of Western Christianity.

Press Release: Consortium Carissimi presents Monteverdi’s Vespers May 12-14

Consortium Carissimi presents Monteverdi’s Vespers May 12, 13, and 14 SAINT PAUL, MN (4/17/17) – Consortium Carissimi, a local group devoted to showcasing the sacred and secular music of the early Roman Baroque, will present Monteverdi’s Vespers May 12th, 13th, and 14th, at several locations in the Twin Cities. Monteverdi’s Vespers is considered A madrigal performance with 10-part choir and

The Vespers

In 1610 Monteverdi published one of his finest works, the Vespers, comprising a Mass, 2 Magnificats, 11 “motets,” and an orchestral sonata. In it he combines solos, ensembles, choral writing for one and two choirs of up to five voices each, orchestral ritornelli (some in six real parts), in addition to a sonata, and obbligati for various instruments. The style