Thank You! from our Artistic Director

Amici carissimi,

We have concluded yet another season. I am grateful to so many people for having helped make our 12thSeason of great music such a success.

I would like to especially thank musicologist Dr. Kelley Harness, Andrew Stoebig and Sara Thompson for bringing to life The Magdalene Project; Michael Barone and David Jenkins of the Twin Cities chapter of the American Guild of Organists for celebrating the anniversary of François Couperin in our Resonent Organa program; to an incredibly gifted ensemble of singers and instrumentalists of The Epiphany Concerts – 2019; and to Jeremy Walker and our phenomenal guest artist cornetto player, Nathaniel Cox, in our Italian Baroque meets Jazz.

To my hard-working board, Joel Hanson, president Jeff Holland, secretary Beth Nunnally, treasurer, Steven C. Anderson, Michael Maiorana, Bethany Cox, and our awesome and creative thinking webmaster, Lisa Drew.

None of this could happen however without you our listening audience, our sponsors, donors and all who are enthusiasts about the repertory which gives Consortium Carissimi reason for being. I am grateful to our Twin Cities audiences for the attention you have given us over these twelve years and will continue to give to this Consortium of early baroque music fanatics.

I look forward to seeing you at our 13thseason when we will perform music of Heinrich Schütz and Hugo Distler, Roman Christmas Organ Vespers and Domenico Belli’s Orfeo Dolente.

Grazie di cuore!

Garrick Comeaux, Artistic Director

A Letter from our Board President

Dear fans and supporters of Consortium Carissimi,

Thank you for your support of our exciting Season 12.

We began the season by celebrating women composers of the early Baroque…marked the 350thanniversary of the birth of Francois Couperin….raised the roof and enjoyed Epiphany with Vivaldi…and just this weekend, finished the season by once again comingling jazz and baroque.

Consortium Carissimi has always championed early music; increasingly, we are also making early music.

To me, early music is not only an art form, it’s an attitude. An attitude that says, “How might we?”

Whether you attended, performed, recorded, donated, hosted, or supported someone who did, I want to thank you for helping keep early music alive, and glowing, and growing.

We look forward to seeing you next season.

Joel Hanson, Board President

Consortium Carissimi

Consortium Carissimi was conceived of by Garrick Comeaux, Artistic Director, in 1996 while living in Rome, Italy. He founded Consortium Carissimi in 2007 as an official nonprofit, 501 (c)(3). This Minnesota-based performing ensemble has the mission of uncovering and bringing to 21st century audiences the long-forgotten Italian baroque music of the 16th and 17th centuries. It does so through live concerts, master classes, recordings and publications.

Consortium Carissimi bears the name of the famous composer whose music was known for its simple, fresh approach to text, melody and accompaniment. Much of the music that Consortium Carissimi performs has not been heard since it was first created in the 16th or 17th century—and it is only through the transcriptions of these original documents that this music may be heard today. The unique strength that Consortium Carissimi possesses is that it has in its library over 200 transcriptions of these long-forgotten works.

Currently, there are no other organizations in the United States that have transcriptions such as these. As a result of this uniqueness, Consortium Carissimi contributes to the cultural vitality of the Minnesota community in four key and distinct ways:

  • Performances: the ensemble of mixed voices and instruments performs at least three concerts annually of repertoire from the Italian-Roman sacred and secular music of the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • Educational programs: Consortium Carissimi conducts master classes with educational institutions located in Minnesota and Tri-State area. Master classes include intense studies of vocal and instrumental practices of 16th and 17th century Rome.
  • Manuscript transcription and publication: Consortium Carissimi is the only organization in the United States that has in its library transcriptions of over 200 manuscripts of this time period, including the complete works of Giacomo Carissimi.
  • Recordings: Consortium Carissimi intends to extend public access to and knowledge of this musical tradition through digital recordings.

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We are pleased to announce that we have been accepted by the PayPal Giving Fund as a way to accept donations without any incurring any fees to either you, the donor or Consortium Carissimi!

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