Bernardo Pasquini – Italian Composer & Renowned Virtuoso Keyboard Player

Italian composer, Bernardo Pasquini was one of the foremost keyboard impresarios of his time. Born in Tuscany, he served in Rome from the 1660s as a highly connected organist, teacher, and composer ranging from operas, oratorios, cantatas, motets, and arias to suites, toccatas, variations and sonatas. A probable student of Cesti, Pasquini went on to teach students from many parts of

The History of The Lute

You’ve been to early music concerts and noticed a rounded back instrument being strummed or plucked, reminiscent of William Shakespeare and harking back to the sounds of John Dowland – the lute.  But do you know much about this instrument? Recently I was doing a little research and came across this essay written by Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet, an instrument