Project III: Tu es Petrus

Music of Benevoli, Palestrina, and Carissimi

Dates 2013:Tu es Petrus
Friday, February 22nd – 8:00pm-9:30pm
Sunday, February 24th – 1:30pm-3:00pm

Venue: The Basilica of Saint Mary

Repertory: Consortium Carissimi joins forces in this first-time collaboration with the Schola of The Basilica of Saint Mary and Director of Music Teri Larson. Benevoli’s Mass is set for four choirs, four organs, and continuo instruments. Benevoli based this Mass on the Tu es Petrus Motet of Palestrina, also on this program. The concert will conclude with Carissimi’s eight-voice setting of Salve Regina.


Heather Cogswel
Kristi Bergland

Christine Anameier
Timothy P. Faatz
Marita Link

Bill Pederson
Mike Pettman

Garrick Comeaux
Mike Schmidt
Douglas Shambo II


Linnea Pierson

Nicky Church

Phil Rukavina

Viola da Gamba
Mary Burke

Bruce Jacobs
Donald Livingston


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